Woman-Owned Mobile Gym Has Big Goals for 2023

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Woman-Owned Mobile Gym Rebrands as YDRIVE Mobile Fitness with Big Goals for 2023

Goodlettsville, TN, December 28, 2022 – Women-owned YDRIVE Mobile Fitness is excited to announce its rebranding and the launch of a new website (www.ydrivemobilefitness.com). Formerly Truck Trainers, the mobile gym has big goals for the future, and this strategic move signals the start of an exciting year.

YDRIVE Mobile Fitness was founded by Teresa Pitt-Sholar, a personal trainer and mom of two with over a decade of experience in the health and wellness industry. She created YDRIVE Mobile Fitness out of her passion for helping others realize their fitness potential, no matter their age or fitness experience. “YDRIVE is designed to bring the same great workout experience of a traditional gym to customers wherever they may be. Why Drive? Our Gym Comes to You.”, said Teresa.  The rebranding allows Teresa and her team to expand their reach even further. To support this effort, they have launched a new website with an updated logo, bright colors, and easy navigation so visitors can quickly find what they need. “We are thrilled with the new branding, and so are our clients. We’ve received an overwhelmingly positive response.”

“YDRIVE is designed to bring the same great workout experience of a traditional gym to customers wherever they may be. Why Drive? Our Gym Comes to You.”

Teresa Pit-Sholar, Founder/Owner

Teresa and her team of trainers hit the road six days a week with their fully equipped “gym in a truck” and meet clients at their homes and businesses throughout Sumner County and The Greater Nashville Region. Whether looking to lose weight or build muscle, YDRIVE Mobile Fitness offers comprehensive programs tailored to meet each individual’s needs; and they’re not stopping there.  Following the launch of their new website, Teresa has plans to launch a new app where customers can take advantage of online tools such as nutrition tracking and exercises tailored to each individual that they can do at home. “Not only will customers be able to keep track of their progress and reach their goals faster, but they’ll also stay connected with their trainer and have fun doing it. And, with plans to expand in 2023, we look forward to helping clients all over the USA.“, said Teresa.

To learn more about YDRIVE Mobile Fitness, visit their website at www.ydrivemobilefitness.com.

About YDRIVE Mobile Fitness

YDRIVE Mobile Fitness is a mobile fitness gym delivering tailored workouts to clients wherever they are and on their schedule.  Our philosophy is that everyone is entitled to health and wellness at a time and place that best fits their personal preferences. We philosophically and physically meet people where they are along their wellness journey. WHY DRIVE? OUR GYM COMES TO YOU!


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