Benefits of Adding Protein to Your Diet

Did you know that adding protein to your diet has MANY great benefits. Some that you might not even be aware of. First, protein is considered the most dense macronutrient. This means it is more filling to your body and turns off the ghrelin or “hunger” hormone. It’s the perfect food when attempting to lose a few pounds which is helpful to keep in mind as we enter into the holiday seasons!

Protein helps with muscle mass, and for those of us over 40, it staves off sarcopenia or muscle loss. Studies show that those who eat more protein maintain higher levels of bone density and often limit symptoms of osteoporosis. Check your family history to learn more about predispositions to things like osteoporosis.

In addition, protein eaten at dinner helps avoid late night snacking or fridge surfing! If your house is like ours, pantries and refrigerators can be dangerous after 8pm. I find myself tempted to eat foods that I would not even consider consuming earlier in the day. Part of this is simply due to boredom. Keep a large glass of water nearby to avoid late night snacking. Try some flavored water to keep it interesting.

Protein also helps your body repair after injury or illness. As we age, illness and injury are more common simply due to aging. Being able to bounce back from both are the key to health and wellness in later years. Some things are inevitable, but how your body responds largely depends on how you have prepared it.

Aging is a gift and if we are lucky enough to live a long life, we should do our best to perform as much maintenance on our bodily machine as we are able! Now check your protein levels!

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