The Top 5 Reasons to Squeeze a Personal Trainer Into Your Busy Life!

We know that life can be crazy! Most personal trainers juggle the same issues that you do and often find it hard to manage life and wellness. Here is why we think getting a personal trainer on your wellness team might be worth your time and money.

  1. Accountability– Personal trainers set out to hold you accountable to your health, yourself and your goals. It’s sometimes easy to put our own health at the bottom of the priority list but we need to be reminded that that should not be the case. Personal Trainers are there to make sure that you make the time and effort to work on your best asset. YOU.
  2. Creativity– Personal trainers often utilize various methods of training in an effort to keep things fresh and keep clients from getting bored. Be honest, the last time you gave up on a workout program was because it became boring or predictable. Sometimes just changing the workout structure or timing can make the time fly by!
  3. Your Goal is Their Goal– Personal trainers enter the world of wellness to help people. Most trainers personally take on the goals of their clients. Spending time and energy researching options for nutrition, workouts, at home exercises or stretches and many many more topics. Personal Trainers dedicate much more time to their clientele than the allotted “session” time.
  4. They do things you Don’t Want to– Personal trainers spend many hours on continuing education. They also tend to be aware of supporting businesses and their services. New health food locations, massage studios, and other related businesses would first be visited by trainers to see if they might refer their clients for other services. This is also time consuming and can be expensive.
  5. Provide Resources– Trainers are typically the first to hear of new workout gadgets, tools, methods, stats and other important information regarding the world of wellness. Social media feeds of personal trainers is filled with time saving tips, tricks and recipes that they often share with clients.

Fitness experts can be found online, on apps, in gyms, spas, boutique locations and even mobile. www.ydrivemobilefitness offers clients the ability to workout in a self contained, private gym outside of their home or office on their schedule! This eliminates the need for disruption in the home. Kids still sleeping? No problem. No additional indoor workout space available? Your trainer brought their own! This gym and trainer business literally take all of the excuses out of not getting your workout in. While there is still some sweat equity involved, you will love the way you feel afterwards and the rest of the day is yours to slay.

For more information on personal training with YDrive in and around the greater Nashville area, please contact us online The perfect time to get started with your very own personal trainer is NOW. Let us know where we can meet you!

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